Replated 2 and 4 stroke cylinders are guaranteed for life against flaking.

Remanufactured engines 2, and 4 stroke, have a 1 year guarantee.

Remanufactured engines a la carte are guaranteed for a period
of 3 months.

Remanufactured heads 2, and 4 stroke, are guaranteed for 3 months.

Remanufactured 2 stroke crankshafts have a no fault 1 year guarantee.

Remanufactured 4 stroke crankshafts are guaranteed for 3 months.


CVTs are guaranteed for 2 years or 5,000 kilometers.

Other Parts
Other parts sold by CVTech-AAB are guaranteed according to the manufacturer’s policy.



1. Faulty workmanship or manufacturing
2. Defective materials used
3. Peeling / flaking / veneer caused by a defect in the process


1. Pre-ignition
2. Improper Installation
3. Poor performance caused by improper engine break-in
4. Lack of lubrication
5. Poor maintenance
6. Competition vehicles (Example: CR, CRR, KX, KDX, KFX, RM, RMX, RMZ, DZR, LTR, YZ, YZF, KTM, Banshee, Motocross, etc.)
7. Vehicule abuse
8. Use of any other non-standard parts


1. Breakdown and / or failure of any related parts
2. Damage caused during transport
3. Excessive oil consumption
4. Normal wear
5. All other damages caused by elements beyond our control

CVTech-AAB has a warranty policy subject to change without notice.

CVTech-AAB reserves the right to reject all claims deemed not in
accordance with the warranty policy.

CV-Tech’s liability is only in the replacement and / or repair of its
remanufactured parts that are found to be defective.

CVTech-AAB disclaims any liability due to damage, injury,
replacement goods, loss of income or dividend (travel expenses,
hotels, telephone charges, towing, etc.)

Our remanufactured parts must be installed carefully by a competent
mechanic following the proper procedures.

The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice.


- Only the original purchaser can make the claim, according to the
warranty period specified for the item, from the original invoice date. Proof of purchase must be submitted upon request by the original purchaser.

- The customer must follow the procedures for the claim and must contact CVTech-AAB within 10 days from the time the defect is discovered.

- The customer must return the defective part (all assembled), with all of its original components, within 30 days from the declaration.

- CVTech-AAB is not responsible for any parts that are returned without the approval and without the authorization (RMA) number.

- For security, each part that is returned to CVTech-AAB must be identified correctly with the return authorization number on the piece with a label and all the documents must be included.

- If the part that is sent to CVTech-AAB is not guaranteed, the transportation costs will be charged.

Note: A Return Material Authorization (RMA) is not a guarantee.