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Thrust washer

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Thrust washer

Standard bore and strokeReference
30MM X 1MMW5836
25MM X 39MM X 1MMW6580
17MM X 1MMW5937
24.4MM X 1MMW5864
25MM X 1MMW5773
26MM X 1MMW5774
26MM X 1.5MMW5775
28MM X 1MMW5776
32MM X 1MMW5777
38MM X 1MMW5778
24MM X 1.5MMW5979
33MM X 1.0MMW6030
20MM X 1MMW5763
27MM X 1.5MMW6027
22MM X 2MMW5767
24MM X .85MMW5768
22MM X 1MMW5765
22MM X 1.5MMW5766
24MM X 1MMW5769
.787 X 1.330 X .110"W6433