Needle bearings

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Needle bearing

CodeStandard bore and strokeReference
B16MM X 21MM X 19.5MMB1008
B18MM X 23MM X 21.8MMB1014
B22MM X 27MM X 24.8MMB1030
B20MM X 25MM X 22.8MMB1031
B24MM X 29MM X 23.7MM3008-583
B22MM X 27MM X 22.8MMB1074
B20MM X 25MM X 21.8MMB1039
B24MM X 29MM X 26MMB1085
B18MM X 22MM X 21.8MMB1003
B20MM X 24MM X 22.8MMB1072
B24MM X 29MM X 24.8MMB1075
B20MM X 25MM X 24.8MMB1023
B16MM X 20MM X 22.5MMB1021
B21MM X 25MM X 23.8MMB1081
B18MM X 23MM X 23.8MMB1002
B15MM X 19MM X 17.3MMB1001
B12MM X 16MM X 15.8MMB1000
B14MM X 18MM X 17.2MMB1006
B16MM X 21MM X 22.5MMB1005
B20MM X 25MM X 27.8MMB1004
B20MM X 24MM X 23.8MMB1071
B12MM X 17MM X 14.2MMB1015
B15MM X 20MM X 17.8MMB1038
B18MM X 22MM X 19.8MMB1037
B19MM X 24MM X 24.8MMB1036
B16MM X 20MM X 19.8MMB1016
B15MM X 19MM X 19.5MMB1013
B14MM X 18MM X 16.2MMB1012
B14MM X 18MM X 19.8MMB1018
B12MM X 15MM X 14.5MMB1041
B12MM X 15MM X 16.3MMB1042
B20MM X 26MM X 23.8MMB1024
B12MM X 16MM X 14.8MMB1043
B18MM X 22MM X 23.5MMB1022
B10MM X 14MM X 12.5MMB1084
B14MM X 18MM X 16.8MMB1083
B16MM X 20MM X 19.8MMB1082
B14MM X 18MM X 15.8MMB1080
B21MM X 27MM X 24.8MMB1092